Awards and Honors

Honored with “Amarajeevi Potti Shriramulu Memorial Award” by the famous poet Sri. C. Narayana Reddy Garu, programee conducted by Shri. Vasari Arts Theater, Hyderabad
Honored with “Golden Kankanam” (Swarnakankanam) by the famous educationalist Sri. Chukka Ramaiah Garu, programee conducted by Shri Vasari Arts Theater, Hyderabad

Welcome to Vyasapuri Kanyaka Parameshwari Charitable Trust

The Vyasapuri Kanyaka Parameshwari Trust was established by Dr. Mooda Nagabushanam Gupta 25 years back at Basar, Near Gnana Saraswathi Devasthanam. Under this trust, number of holy programs were taken up. Such as regular feeding (Annadanam) for 600 pilgrims daily between 12-00 Noon. to 4-00 P.M. and again 8-00 P.M. to 10-00 P.M. pilgrims who pay visit to the Basar Trust will be treated comfortably without any problem by this trust.

Vasavi Kanayka Parameshwari Trust providing following accommodation to the pilgrims who pays visit to the Satram. Total number of rooms are available 160, out of that some normal rooms, VIP Rooms, Deluxe Rooms & AC Rooms.

Trust Services